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Fund Trading

With EuroPort+, management of index and fund accounts has never been easier: clients can open and manage their accounts online and wealth managers can compose the fund mix as they wish. And automated risk-intake, profile monitoring, money orders and rebalancing combine with all the advantages of a bank or investment fund account. Investment contribution deposits are performed regularly using direct debit from an external bank account and automatically applied to the selected investment funds.

Stock Trading

Stock trading functionality is in our DNA. Our software offers administration of financial instruments and products as well as order and position management. Our stock exchange investment product is easily adaptable across investment services, from discretionary investment management to advisory to execution only. Orders are placed on stock exchanges in real time using straight through processing (STP), and transactions are instantly processed with client portfolios.


EuroPort+ allows users to administer savings accounts according to interest scales, savings rules for tax purposes, deposits, foreign currencies, and automatic interest reporting to the tax authorities (VIA). Other functionality includes:


The EuroPort+ payment module is a key element in the successful day-to-day operations of its users. It connects effortlessly to various clearing and settlement mechanisms (CSMs) and offers a wide range of payment possibilities for end users. The system enables managers to aggregate and batch process payment messages or use ‘push message’ functionality. EuroPort+ supports 90% of message types as defined by SEPA, and works in close cooperation with our clients to keep its payment module both technologically up-to-date and relevant to their needs.


Benefits of EuroPort+


All-in-One Fee Model

The EuroPort+ on-premise delivery model is simple and transparent and includes all fees. No hidden costs for instant support, new releases, updates to meet new legislation, or life cycle adaptations.

Rapid Development

Our ability to continuously add new functionality to the EuroPort+ platform is a product of the rapid development tools we use (such as Magic) and our small, discrete teams focused on specific areas of expertise.


EuroPort+ is built to scale. As our clients grow, our software is right there with them, adapting to their evolving needs.


As banks continue to experience attacks on their IT systems, security has become a critical part of their digital strategies. EuroPort+ is proven secure and we vigilantly update the software to keep it that way.

Efficient and Cost-Effective

The automation power behind EuroPort+ means reduced back offices and lower cost of ownership. As a result, users are able to offer their services more competitively.

Internet and Mobile Ready

EuroPort+ offers a set of sophisticated web services (Epos) making it easy for third party developers to build efficient websites and mobile apps. Epos also enables browser-based interfaces for advisors and mid-office employees.

Easy Connectivity

EuroPort+ boasts the sophisticated connectivity tool, Fintegrator, that easily interfaces with other software inside or outside the enterprise.

Standarized Software

EuroPort+ is standardized software, providing banks with the power to configure settings and modularity as the need demands.

Proven Technology

Because the EuroPort+ platform interfaces with many external parties, it is constantly being tested in a variety of environments: some in high volume markets; some in more exclusive, and inherently more demanding, ones.

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