ING chooses EuroPort+ for digitisation relating to investments

Alex Timmermans Director Marketing & Business Development

Amsterdam - ING Bank NV and Able BV (subsidiary of Topicus) have entered into a new 5-year agreement for the use of EuroPort+ relating to investments. This agreement follows ING's choice of EuroPort+ as its target platform for software standardisation.

Published at: Juni 26, 2018


The new agreement is an important extension of the business partnership ING and Able have enjoyed since 2009. In 2018, EuroPort+ will be adapted for use in Belgium by adding modules with Belgian law and legislation and fiscal policy. This will enable EuroPort+ to process and administer standard banking products in Belgium as well. Dutch and Belgian customers will be served using a single joint banking platform wherever possible. The required expansions to Able's standard software will be achieved with investments by both ING and Able/Topicus.

For ING, this is an important step towards its aim of being able to migrate worldwide to one digital banking platform.

For Able, the agreement will provide the means to serve banking customers outside the Netherlands in the short term. Able was acquired by Topicus in October 2017. Following this acquisition, the number of employees in the Fintech division of Topicus reached 450, thus achieving a scale allowing the expansion to markets outside the Netherlands. Initially, this expansion will involve Belgium and Luxembourg.


ING, Jos Klompe, tel +31630459842

Able - Topicus, Alex Timmermans, tel +31182398821