ING Netherlands

Use Case: ING Netherlands

During the migration from Postbank to ING, consolidating the different backend systems became top priority at ING. This included the systems powering their investments products. ING had to make a choice between either updating their current systems or replacing them entirely with one single solution.

The choice was made to replace current systems with EuroPort+. The main reason to go with EuroPort+ is its enormous flexibility. EuroPort+ enabled ING to power all of their investment products (e.g. ‘zelf-’, ‘beheer-’ and ‘advies-beleggen’) and even adapt them for the different market segments (e.g. Mass, SMB, Private Banking, Personal Banking). The result is one single system replacing 117 different legacy systems.

The case

Since the process of replacing current systems was part of the larger migration from Postbank to ING, very strict internal deadlines applied. We managed to have the full back-office in production in less than 12 months. After going live, the different customer segments where gradually migrated to the new EP+ system. Today 99% of all investments related products at ING run on EP+.


In order to go live quickly, we developed the actual web front-end for ING. Later ING built their own front-end based on EuroPort’s extensive API. This allowed to incorporate EuroPort+ functionality seamlessly into their ‘Mijn ING’ website and app.