Where once dozens of systems were required to support the needs of wealth managers, EuroPort+ is a simple, versatile solution for both retail and private banks, providing an unparalleled range of capabilities


Why EuroPort+

EuroPort+ is the Netherlands’ leading core banking platform, which allows any type of banking operations, with a focus on stock trading, fund trading, savings and payments. EuroPort+ is the fast, reliable and secure engine for administrating millions of accounts and investment portfolios, processing hundreds of thousands of transactions per hour, which is unequalled in both cloud as on-premise.

Meet EuroPort+ in the Cloud

EuroPort+ is a world-class wealth management software platform built for adaptability in a constantly changing market environment.

A cost effective solution for high volume and most demanding markets, EuroPort+' easy connectivity makes wealth management data instantly accessible across websites and apps.

EuroPort+ is based on a hybrid cloud solution which offers our financial clients focus on their business: banking. We take care of technology, functional innovation and regulatory compliance.

EuroPort+ platform modules

Fund trading

Index and fund investment are booming in Europe. For our clients, efficient management, cost effectiveness and transparency are more important than ever.

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Stock trading

Worldwide investment in equities, derivatives and bonds is on the rise. EuroPort+ ensures seamless connectivity between stock exchanges, trading platforms and brokers.

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EuroPort+ approaches savings - both fiscal and non-fiscal - as an integral component of wealth management, an independent yet equal partner of stock and fund investment.

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EuroPort+ fully supports both SEPA payments as well as payments in an omnibus account structures.

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Facts & Figures

Successful implementation rate

While implementing wealth management software is a complex procedure, we hold a 100% success rate.

Wealth management software experts

Together with a dedicated team of 90 wealth management software experts we build the world’s best core engine system.

Scrum teams

In 7 collaborative and agile teams, we are constantly innovating to make our software faster, flexible and more intelligent.


EuroPort+ : 5 000 software components, and 1500 tables together unleashing an unparalleled range of capabilities.

Web services

EuroPort+ offers over 300 second generation stateless web services, allowing clients to react to customer needs.

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